Build or Brand or Die Tryin'

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You think you just need a logo? Marketing is more worthy of your budget? What's the point in making things "pretty"? What in the mother lovin' f*ck is a brand anyways and why should I spend my hard earned dollars and/or time on it? At the end of this course you will have: 1: And understanding of what the mother lovin' eff a brand even is 2: Why your business is toast without one 3: A knockout roadmap to build your brand with strategy and intention 4: The tools to bring it to life from start to finish using simple and free online programs. I'm not going to tell you I've found the secret to making your business fly - leave that to the skeevy marketers. But I do know that if you miss this bit - you're kicking yourself right in the foot before you even start. Yeah, I am feeling feisty today! Because I am tired of seeing my comrades lose faith in their beautiful ideas when really it's just a tweak in their brand strategy that could bring things to life!) 10 out of 10 your business will fail without a strategic - and I've got the receipts! Sure some fall into one accidentally - but whether its intentional or not - having a brand is make or break and I am here to give you your best leg up - for free!

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What the mother lovin' pink f*ck is a brand?!?

What the mother lovin' pink f*ck is a brand?!?

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