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Build your brand


It's time to get dressed!

At TooPink I like to tell my clients to visualize their brand as if it were a person.


Imagine this person waking up each morning and walking out the door with nothing but a hat and some lipstick... 

That's what you're doing if you think that all you need is a logo and your brand is complete. You're sending your brand out into the world buck-naked! I mean I am sure you will attract some attention but it's not ideal.

Now imagine this person walking out the door wearing sweatpants, a floral blouse, one high-heel, one sneaker, a belt (for some reason) and one mitten. Or one day they're in fishnets and leather, the next in a peasant dress and berkinstocks.

That's what you're doing when you throw together graphics in Canva using templates, colours and fonts with no rhyme or reason.

Now both these make for quite interesting people - if I am honest! And as creatives it's quite hard to put yourself in a box - OH I KNOW!

But a brand is a

Pain Points:

You feel like you have something more to bring to the world - something you can build on your own that will also allow you to have more control over your life, your time and your energy. 

You CARE deeply about what you do and want your brand to better communicate this


You feel like the way your brand looks and speaks isn't really connecting with the people you really want to work with. 

You've been all over Canva and now you've got a ton of different graphics that really aren't cohesive at all

When you think about your brand you just get confused.

Someone told you you needed a logo. 

It's all part of the pancake...

I always say building your business is like cooking a pancake - you need three key ingredients plus some HEAT to make it work well. And you better believe a well-targeted and strategic brand is one of those ingredients!