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Website Prep

Prepping your Website Sections + Content

The purpose of this assignment is to get an idea of the types of sections we can add to your website to meet the end goal, as well as help me get an idea of the content, copy and imagery that might be useful to that end (ie. brand photography / headshots / lifestyle).

Here are the things to keep in mind when curating your content in this assignment:

Be client focused

Your website isn't about you. It's about solving your clients' problems, making their lives easier and speaking their language. It's easy to get caught up proclaiming, "This is us! This is who we are! This is what we do! You love it right?!?!". You can still share your passion and describe who you are, but switch it to something with a tone more like, "Hey, here's how we understand who YOU are! We noticed you were looking for ___(something to solve this problem)___. So we decided to provide YOU _____(this great and unique solution)_____."

Be goal focused

Anything that does not serve your website's purpose (from the previous assignment ie. build brand awareness and interactions) we might consider leaving out.

Be answer focused

We want to build trust and anticipate any question a prospective client might have before they even think to ask it - then have that information right there before their eyes quickly and easily. When going through this assignment, consider what questions come up often for your business and make sure they are answered somewhere in your content. 

I have a number of example sections below that are often included in websites. In this assignment, you are to choose sections you think would be relevant to your end goal and write in any copy or direction. 

I use the term 'sections' rather than pages for this assignment as, depending on our goals and content, it might be beneficial to have certain information all on one page (ie. the home page) as opposed to branching off onto other pages. We'll leave this open to explore.

I am here to help and offer an outside perspective as well my expertise. So don't worry about getting it perfect - just get the information out there and I'll work my magic to make it effective on your site.

Sections Overview

Which sections do you anticipate being important on your site?

PREMIUM SECTIONS/ADVANCED FUNCTIONALITY (may not be included in your quote)

Getting Started With Copy

Let's start with some general stuff that might work well on the home page or sprinkled throughout the site, then we will get into the specific sections.

Mission Statement


  1. Local Artisan Jewelry Shop: "Crafting unique handcrafted jewelry that tells stories, inspires individuality, and connects people to the beauty of the world around us."

  2. Freelance Graphic Designer: "Transforming ideas into visual art, I strive to create compelling designs that bring brands and messages to life, one pixel at a time."

  3. Boutique Photography Studio: "Capturing moments of love and life, our mission is to freeze time in a frame, creating timeless photographs that resonate with them.